Great websites aren't supposed to break

Websites are in constant flux. Yet, nothing is more frustrating than following a link to a non-existing page.

With Bernard, your visitors always experience your site at its best.


How does it work?

Following a set schedule, Bernard will test your website from top to bottom, making sure every link and resource is valid and working for your visitors.

The types of resources Bernard monitors include:

  • Internal links
  • Any external link to third-party websites
  • Videos, images, and other media file
  • Custom fonts, stylesheets, and any URL referenced therein

Our innovative crawler only downloads what is strictly necessary, so it is very light on your server and will not impact your running costs.

So don't worry, we will not download that huge video, but we will still make sure it is always accessible.

Set it and forget it

If we find anything that is out of place during our checks, we will notify you, and you'll have a chance to review any issue we've identified.

Ignore or mark them resolved in our easy-to-use interface, and you're good to go. And if you don't hear from us, you can be sure your website is ticking along just fine.



€9.99 /month

Join early access
50,000 links monitored per month
€2/month per additional 10,000 links
No questions asked refund policy (within 7 days)


€49.99 /month

Join early access
250,000 links monitored per month
€1.50/month per additional 10,000 links
12-hour support response time
No questions asked refund policy (within 7 days)

Free for open-source websites!

Open-source runs the world, so projects and documentation sites get monitored for free, forever.
Subject to approval from our team.